Established in the 1880’s, OKI are industry leaders for both colour and dot matrix printing. Their range of colour printers tend to provide the best quality out there while also being feature rich and both economically and energy efficient. All their printers use LED technology (developed and first implemented by OKI) as opposed to laser technology, allowing OKI to have a massive advantage in terms of energy efficiency. OKI were also the first to introduce a free 3 year on-site warranty for most of their product range. OKI retains market leader status for dot-matrix (impact) printers simply by continuing to produce extremely robust and cost effective printers and consumables.

They also provide a range of machines called their ‘Executive Series Printers’. These printers are generally of a higher spec and are manufactured to an even higher build quality than usual, they are made to last, however, the main incentive to own an Executive Series printer is the significantly lower running costs which, for many people, is principle among criteria to consider when buying a printer. This low running cost also allows OKI to offer a highly competitive Managed Print option.

Brother have diversified greatly since their sewing machine dominance of the 80’s. They now have a desktop printer in their range to suit every requirement and budget -everything from home use inkjet printers to high end colour laser printers. In particular, their range of A3 inkjet printers are very reasonable in upfront and running costs and tend to be very popular and useful for producing line drawings. If you are an architect or engineer and need an inexpensive A3 printer, chances are that Brother will be your starting point. Brother are very popular for their entry level mono laser and mono laser multifunction printers (Black only). These tend to be inexpensive printers to buy but use very small capacity toners so have relatively high running costs. Brother are also very popular for their P-Touch label printing machines.

The market leader on the office printer environment. A solution is available no matter what your budget. The newer machines now tend to have high running costs, which depending on your needs may not make them a no.1 choice for your particular needs.

From laser printers for small/home offices to a large multifunctional copiers, Canon have an solution to meet your requirements. Renowned for being imaging specialists (both photography and printing), Canon have placed themselves right at the cutting edge of research and development. In fact most of HP’s laser printers use Canon engines and design. As a consequence, Canon tend to be less expensive than HP, both for printers and their consumables.
Durable, efficient and consistent in producing high quality prints, any Canon printer would be a dependable part your office furniture.